Software Development

Software development is a tricky business. It has always been pretty easy to make a computer do something, but making it do the right thing, to specification, with high quality, fast enough, without contravening the other things it does, is a huge challenge.

Many software development companies have searched for the silver bullet – the technology that will solve all these problems and more – but ultimately successful software development boils down to a few simple things:

» Have great people and repose faith in them

» Ensure that everyone talks frequently to the end users

» Get the low level design right

» Use quality pragmatic tools and processes

» Expect change, don't try to avoid it.

Ever since, N&S Technologies was founded as a software development company in 2012, we have advocated and believed that there are no shortcuts to successful software development and for more than a decade we have worked with a extensive variety of clients, challenges and systems building quality code that runs mission critical systems in organisations that may be small or large.

We provide software development services creating customised software applications to suit your exact business and organisational requirements. As part of our software development services, we genuinely strive to understand your business - listening first and finding solutions next – and provide software solutions that support and maintain your future online growth and success.

This methodical approach followed by us enables us align our development services with your business processes and consistently produce software which fulfils your needs flawlessly.

Our software development services can be used to enhance any part of your business from automating existing manual and paper workflow processes through to making back-end services more efficient and front-end services more user-friendly.

We take pride in stating that we have developed our own bespoke content management system called soCMS which can be adapted, configured and integrated to work as an external or internal interface for either customers or staff.

We can also customize it - or any of your existing software - to work with any other technology platforms, IT or web-based systems as we have the requisite expertise, experience and skills to accomplish any web software design or development project.

Software development tools

Our highly-skilled software development team use the latest programming languages and techniques to deliver specialised solutions which resolve all your software issues. We use a range of tools and technologies and as a Microsoft Gold Partner specialise in the following Microsoft design and development software:

» Microsoft ADO.Net

» Microsoft C#

» Microsoft Dot Net Framework

» Microsoft Office Tools

» Microsoft SQL Server

» Microsoft Visual Basic.Net

» Microsoft Visual Studio

However, we are not reliant on any 3rd party products or suppliers so we can adapt and use whichever software technologies and platforms you opt for.

If you would like a free quote for your software development project please contact us now.